GoldCoast Wedding

About me


Hey, I’m Christine, a  Photographer shooting weddings iacross Queensland and the Top End.. I’m here to offer you a simple, straightforward and awesome way to tick wedding photography off that vast to-do list. Sure, I don’t work for free (I’m creative…not insane) but I can offer you a joyous, one-of-a-kind wedding photography experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

I specialise in creative storytelling that’s fresh, uncontrived and bursting with character. Wedding photography needs energy and I’ve got buckets of it, according to my increasing army of happy customers. I like a couple who think outside the box and who are really, really into each other. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some genuinely one-of-a-kind days: the kind of weddings that leave you buzzing from all the good vibes. If you’ve got an awesome wedding day brewing, I’m your girl for vibrant, documentary style wedding photography.